The Doshas



Air + Space

Rough, Dry, Cold, Mobile, Light

Responsible for all movement

Inspiration, Creativity, Broad Thinking

In excess, the dry and rough qualities may manifest themselves as dry or brittle skin, lips, hair, nails or bones (e.g. osteoporosis), as constipation, or as feeling "dry" emotionally.

The "light" quality may manifest itself as giving you a lanky physique but excess lightness may manifest as being underweight, having muscle wasting, light bones, insomnia or feeling "spacey" or insecure.

The cold quality of Vata may lead you to feel cold more easily than others around you. You may have cold hands and feet and crave warmth.

The mobile quality may lead to a healthy ability to "multi-task" or, in excess, to scattered attention, a fidgety tendency, tremors, and nervousness. It may manifest as extremes; as in being very tall or very short or being drastically different weights at different times in your life.



Fire + Water

Hot, Sharp, Oily, Spreading, Light

Responsible for all transformation

Motivation and Inspiration

The oily quality allows for softness of skin but, in excess, can manifest as oily skin, acne.

The sharp quality may manifest as a sharp, bright intellect or, in excess, as a sharp tongue.

"Hotness" can manifest as a warm, rosy complexion, warm body temperature, strong metabolism and appetite or, in excess, as ulcers, heartburn or a hot temper.

The light quality may lead you to have a slender body or to get light-headed if you miss a meal.

The liquid quality may manifest as excess sweating; when it's combined with the hot quality it can present as excess stomach acid.




Earth + Water

Slow, Heavy, Dull, Cold, Sticky, Soft

Responsible for structure and support

Stamina and Resilience

The unctuous quality can allow for smooth joint function but, if pronounced, can lead to excess mucous.

The cool quality may manifest as cool skin and a laid-back, cool temperament.

Heaviness may manifest as a large, sturdy, grounded physical and emotional constitution and, in excess, as being overweight or experiencing a subjective feeling of heaviness in the mind.

Slowness may manifest as a slow, steady pace that you can maintain. In excess, you may get stuck in a pattern that may not be the best for you.

Softness can manifest as a soft heart that is easily empathic. Another manifestation of this quality is having soft skin.

Stability can be an asset that friends, family and colleagues probably recognize and perhaps lean on, but in excess could become stubbornness or sluggishness. You could become so stable that you are disinclined toward any physical activity.

Density can manifest as good stamina and strong, well-formed muscles and bones. This enables the Kapha constitution to withstand vigorous exercise. This quality is also responsible for dense, luxurious hair.