Ayurveda Wellness Counseling

An initial consultation consists of going through your history to determine your areas of Doshic or constitutional balance and imbalance. From this information, we can discover your individual and unique constitution and what you need to maintain a state of health.  We then create a plan implementing different tools to help build up your strengths and overcome the areas of weakness. These tools may include yoga, meditation, diet and lifestyle changes, and breathing practices. Working together for a period of time may mean weekly meetings, creating yoga practices, receiving panchakarma treatment, or simply making dietary changes. Any changes we make are at a pace that is mutually agreed upon. I believe that you have an innate capacity to heal, and I am a participant in your healing journey.

    Areas of help:

    • digestive disorders
    • constipation
    • IBS
    • hormonal imbalance
    • women's health
    • menstrual difficulties
    • PMS
    • fatigue
    • anxiety 
    • depression
    • ptsd
    • physical discomfort
    • personal growth
    • migraines


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    Anjali's approach to yoga is grounded in a gentle, breath-based, slow-moving, individualized sequencing. Practicing since the age of five, Anjali's love for yoga is present in all meetings. Focusing not just on physical postures, Anjali recognizes the importance of yoga as meditation and breathwork to allow the nervous system a chance to settle.